20 Sex Holidays To Celebrate Throughout the Year

20 Sex Holidays To Celebrate Throughout the Year

Everyday can be a holiday. If you are like me and are looking for any excuse to get in the mood for something sexy and celebratory, then sex holidays might be just the hack for you. There is lots to incorporate throughout the year when it comes to sex and sexuality. It’s a great way to lean into love and exploration. Pick your favorites or throw them all on the calendar.


January 13th ~ Shower Together Day

Coupe making heart on steamed shower glassJump into the shower and create some waves. Save water but not orgasms. Bring a silicon lubricant in the shower with you for long lasting juiciness (water seems like a good lubricant but strangely creates a lot of friction?). Bring a waterproof vibrator to add excitment and stimulation. Do what you can to get real dirty in the shower;)


Third Friday of January ~ International Fetish Day

A day to celebrate and to explore your wildest fantasies. Lean into the wild women in you that might want to be tied up, gagged, or flanked. Give yourself permission to try something new and unexpected. If you are a frequent flier in this world, take this time to love on and spend time with your community, let loose and get freaky.


February 7th ~ National Work Naked Day

Working from home has never been so common place. Today is the day to work from home– naked. Take full advantage of the sexiness by, perhaps, working while sitting and riding a suction dildo from the kitchen table.


February 13th ~ National Condom Day

We love safe sex! Sing it from the rooftops, honey! Condoms get a bad rap but they are community care in a tiny package. And remember, all water-based and silicon-based lubricants are safe (and essential) to use with condoms.


March 3rd ~ Threesome Day

Table for three on March third, wink wink wink. Today is the day for fulfilling one of the most common fantasies. three people in bed with only their legs showingAt the very least, celebrate this day by watching some delicious threeway porn on this sex holiday or share some intimate time while listening to a ménage à trois playlist you’ve created.


April 14th ~ Cake and Cunnilingus Day

Have your cake and get eatten out too. Don’t mind if you do. A satirical response to steak and blowjob day (March 14th) which was a satirical response to Valentines’ Day, as men thought it was too female centered. But due to my own believes (down with the patriarchy), I cannot support this farcical idea. Under the patriarchy, men always get what they what. So, the satirical response to the satirical response–cake and cunnilingus– is a ‘go down on me now,’ day, yes please.


April 18th ~ Anal Sex Day

My humps, my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps. Anal sex day is a day to explore all the gorgeous holes one can fill. Exploring anal for women can be a fun and passionate affair. For those who are new to anal, I would recommend starting with a trainer kit and a great lube and for those a little more practiced, why not really dress that ass up with a tail?


April 24th ~ Lingerie Day

There is nothing that gets me in the mood more than a new lingerie set. Hello sexy me! Celebrating my body and all the feel good things I love to explore. On this day, buy yourself a new sexy set or ask your partner to do this for you. smiling black woman wearing lingerieExperiment with different types of lingerie too, like this remote control vibrating lace thong and egg set.


May ~ National Masturbation Month

Self love month, we are here for you. Thank goodness someone gave us a month to indulge in masterbation instead of just one day. This is the time to buy yourself a new sex-toy, like this rock n’ ride or try some new things like anal beads in your solo pleasure. You have a month– lean in!


June ~ LGBTQIA+ Pride Month

Thank Godess for the LGTQIA+ community! Let’s spread the love, for without their trailblazing, we would have such limited and male focused ideas of what sex can and should look like. During this month, celebrate your queer friends and any queerness inside of you.


June 9th ~ National Sex Day

The day of 6/9... get it. A day of mutual pleasure, one of the most famous sex positions of all time. Give into the pull of the day. Call out sick for a day full of fucks and mutual pleasure seeking. It’s the day of all days when it comes to Sex Holidays!


June 21st ~ Kamasutra Day

A day of position exploration. We can all get a little tired in our go-to sex positions, but on this day give yourself the freedom to explore the unexpected. Dedicated this sex holiday to push your boundaries and your body in unexpected contortions in new and unexpected ways. Use this Kama Sutra card deck to make it a fun game and gamble.


June 22nd ~ No Panty Day

Let that pussy breath! It’s a day for loss lips (those lips). Get your partner all worked up by your choices on this holiest of days. Use the build up to create and tease erotic desire for a sensual, sexual date night that takes full advantage of this day.


July 6th ~ National Kissing Day

Besos babe! There is nothing more intimate than just kissing. Remember those early days in your relationship when you would make out for hours? black couple kissing in kitchenBring this energy back on national kissing day by JUST kissing your partner for a few hours. If you are not in a relationship, go out and find someone to smooch!


July 14th ~ Nudity Day

A day for enjoying your birthday suit, sending nudes and reciving nudes;) Even out your tan lines by laying in the backyard in the nude on this day. Challenge yourself, see if you can stay nude the whole day!


July 24th ~ BDSM Day

BDSM is such an intimate form of play, make sure to be well researched before diving in. Today is the day to lean into role play and experiment with what peaks your interest in the world of BDSM or bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism.


October 6th ~ Kink Day

Kink can be anything a little outside of your current sexual barrameters. Maybe it’s exploring feet, water, or food. No matter what it is, give yourself a little freedom on this day – either solo or with your partner to do something unique with your sexual expression.


November 4 ~ Sex Toy Day

Our favoirte sex holiday. Sex toy day! smiling woman holding anal needs and rabbit sex toyA day to gift yourself the toy you’ve been dying to try. The day to invite toys into the bedroom for the first time. The day to try a new type of sexual adventure. The day to experiment with anal play. The day to take it the next level. This is the day for you, for us, for all!


November 28 ~ Spanksgiving

You’ve finished being grateful, now it’s time to be naughty. Could you infact be a spankophile? There is only one way to find out. This spank me paddle is the best toy for this day – it was made for this moment.


December 22 ~ Global Orgasm Day

Join this global sex holiday to celebrate the year and move some of the last of your sexual tension, with an earthshaddering O! It is the best way to spend the last week of the year. Peace on earth is only possible with abundant orgasms. How many can you have? Do your part by letting it all gO!

Hand pick your favorites or throw them all up on the calendar to lean into the sexiest year yet!