Etiquette For Gifting a Friend a Sex Toy For the First Time

Etiquette For Gifting a Friend a Sex Toy For the First Time

The gift of an orgasm. Sex toys make some of the best and most personalized gifts that a sex-positive-queen such as yourself can buy for another queen. Buying a sex toy is often seen as a luxury, even though pleasure is a birthright. As a luxury, we rarely buy sex toys for ourselves as much as we aught, which is why they make the best gifts.


Group of female friends gifting a sex toy to another friendBuying a woman a sex toy is a great way to show your friend you care. As we all know, pleasure and orgasm are not only self-care but essential to our life force energy. Erotic and orgasmic vibration is what fuels our creativity, passion and zest for life. When we buy women sex toys, we are buying them the gift of life. Sex toys are also a gift in sensory variety, offering them new and exciting sensations to explore in their solo (or shared) sex life. In this way, we are assistants in expanding their pleasure horizons.


As a wonderful friend, gifting a wonderful gift, there is some etiquette to giving a sex toy as a present. Especially for the first time. If you are a sex-positive minx and sex-toy advocate, that’s amazing, but not everyone shares the same joy and perhaps public appreciation for such presents. Timing, recipient and type of sex toy are important factors to keep in mind before buying and gifting your generosity.


The recipient

The recipient is the woman who will receive the sex toy gift and then perceive said sex toy gift (wink wink, buzz buzz). Unfortunately, you cannot buy everyone a sex toy even though you wish you could. We all know your female boss would benefit from the extraordinary orgasms of the Golden Bunny, but you must resist.


In fact, you cannot buy anyone you work with a sex toy. That means your boss, your colleagues, and your inferiors. The only expectation is if you work in an environment where sex positivity is a common denominator– such as a sex shop, a strip club or a community clinic. Even then, be mindful. You also are not advised to buy your extended family a sex toy. That includes, but is not limited to, aunts, cousins, or nieces. This is, of course, unless you are one of those wildly open families that talks about their sex lives at the dinner table. If so, invite me over for Sunday brunch. But again, be cautious. Finally, you shouldn’t buy a new friend a sex toy. For some, the connotation of a sex toy is weighted and you don’t want to overwhelm them in this way.


Black female friends gifting a sex toy

You should never assume you know how someone might respond to receiving a sex toy as a gift. The intimates of someone’s sex life are private matters. So, as a rule of thumb, unless you’ve talked to this friend about masturbation, orgasms and their sex life you shouldn’t buy them a sex toy.


Type of sex toy

So, know you have a welcome recipient of a sex toy. You are about to shop for this dear friend (not your coworker or aunt) and you are unsure what to get them. Since they are a friend, hopefully, you know something about what they are already working in the sex-toy department or at least what they are into sexually. Do they have a favorite sex toy? Are they heavy into BDSM energy in the bedroom? How do they feel about the mixture of pain and pleasure? The best part about gifting a friend a sex toy is that you can buy them something they might not get themselves.


If you know your friend is rather new to sex toys or doesn’t have a whole lot of variety in their bedside drawer then some starter sex toys are necessary. If they are a fan of clit stimulation, this rose-shaped clit vibrator is a crowd-pleaser, but if you know your friend is more into penetration, a discreet G-spot wand would be a better idea. For fans of dual stimulation, you can never go wrong with Lelo dual stimulation.


If you are hoping to spice up your friends’ solo or shared sex game and you know they already have all the basics then I would absolutely start with this butt plug kit.  Explore our best butt plugs review on BedBible to find the "wow-factor" toy. If you know they already have one of those then I might look into an introduction bondage set. These are some great gifts that will allow them to get a little experimental. They’ll never know until they try!


And finally, for your kinky, freaky friends! What do you buy the orgasm-loving friend who already has everything? In this case, you move on to the exotic and erotic, like these butterfly nipple clamps. Or these clever massage candles with pheromones. Or if want to win the best-friend-of-the-year award, there is always the fun,fun,fun sex swing.


When and when not to give a sex toy as a gift

You should also never give a sex toy as a gag gift or at a gift exchange. This is because you can never be sure who the recipient will be. This could result in shame, awkwardness or even trauma. All things I’m sure you wish to avoid. Additionally, sex toys are often used as gag gifts to be the butt of a joke. However, sex toys are no laughing matter. Sex toys are the whole comedy, the whole drama, and the tragedy rolled into one. They are much more than a laugh at the party, they are everything!


Friends smiling at a giftTiming is very important when it comes to giving your sex toy present. Baseline, you should never present your sex toy gift publicly, like at a birthday picnic for example. A good rule of thumb is to not present a sex toy gift in front of others, even if it’s semi-private. You also shouldn’t wrap it and give it away without telling them to open it in private. You can always write on the wrapped gift, “Open when alone!” To be safe, it’s best to have them open it when it is just the two of you. 


In my opinion, the best time to give a sex toy gift is –whenever and often. The more spontaneous, the better. Sex toys make great ‘I’m sorry you didn’t get the job’ consolation gifts or ‘congrats on your new apartment’ presents. Valentine’s Day is a great time to give your single (and coupled) friends a sex toy. Christmas is another great holiday to gift a sex toy. Basically any time of the year and for no reason at all, is the best time to gift a sex toy. But again, secretly or privately.


Women buying other women sex toys is our kind of kink. Pleasure is a divine right and not a luxury and we are glad you are spreading the good vibes. Gifting a sex toy to a friend makes you a sex-positive, delicious queen and, frankly, we are obsessed with you. Sadly though, the rest of the world is not as sex-positive as you (and us) therefore there are some hard and fast rules around the best ways to give a sex toy as a gift.


You must make sure the recipient is going to be welcoming, accepting and delighted by the sex toy. One last time, no family, co-workers or new friends. You should give it at the appropriate time and in the appropriate context. Finally, give away the gift with erotic joy and love– we know you will.