A Beginner's Guide on Sex Toys

A Beginner's Guide on Sex Toys

Sex should be a pleasurable experience, and when it comes to using "toys," the fun can really be turned up a notch. Unfortunately, there is still plenty of stigma surrounding sex toys, sexuality, and how we choose to enjoy it. Now more than ever, it's important to unlearn those harmful narratives and explore ourselves sexually, expressing ourselves in the best ways possible. Sex toys are great to assist with pleasurable explorations. Bringing them into the bedroom for some fun with a partner or even alone can help to reignite a spark in your body that may have been lost for a while. Make sex more exciting with toys that elevate passion, feeling, and connection. Consider this an essential that once you find the right one, you wouldn't want to know life without it. 

Why Sex Toys 

Take control of your sexual experience by trying something new, like adding in a sex toy. Depending on the type, the use of sex toys can generate sensations that the body touches can't. We should never be embarrassed about wanting to explore these items, especially when they help us to achieve out-of-this-world pleasure. Whether you want a sensual experience or want to make your next session kinky, there are so many toys that can assist with the atmosphere you want to create. Depending on your comfort level, you can even start small, like having your partner blindfold you while they use your favorite toy on you. Perhaps you want to begin exploring some solo pleasure by using a vibrator on yourself. Sex toys are there to add to the experience you're having and boost your self-confidence. Once you find your favorite, there's no going back. 

First things first, if you're an intensity queen or someone who enjoys powerful and heavy pleasure, you're heading in the right direction. While some sex toys don't necessarily hit the right spot, there's no way to miss with the proper use of toys. But it's always essential to read through the details of each item so you can see if it's right for you. Below are just some of our cult favorites that won't ever steer you wrong. 

The Classic Vibrator 

While it's typically the one everyone is the most familiar with seeing, it packs a punch in all the right places. It's sleek, straight, and simple with a long vibrating shaft, so you can insert it into your vagina or just use the vibrations to stimulate your clitoris. For beginners, this sex toy is the perfect way to explore your body and activate your approach as a sexual being. 


The Rabbit 

Then there's the rabbit-style vibrator, which may be the most popular in its category for a good reason. It has a long shaft but also an appending set of "rabbit ears" meant to focus on your clit. So, this lovely toy stimulates both internally and externally. Did we mention that this is all happening at the same time! 


The Bullet 

The name matched the item with this sex toy. Mainly because of how discreet and quiet it is compared to others. It can blend in with the contents of your purse, mimicking the shape of a lipstick case or another tiny beauty product, and is even small enough to fit in your pocket. Plus, it's super quiet without taking any power away from the product itself. There's a reason people refer to it as a small but mighty toy. 


The Wand

While this is another style as part of the vibrator family, it's truly magical. The wand most resembles one of those expensive massagers you get at a kiosk. The handheld shaft does not vibrate, but the head makes up for it, packed with power meant to satisfy your clitoris. 



The G-Spot

When you start becoming more comfortable with your body and have a better understanding of what you like sexually, this is the level up. The G-Spot is another favorite vibrator among women and is very intentional. It has a longer shaft, with the tip curving upward so you cannot only reach your G-Spot but can also apply pressure for maximum pleasure. We must warn you that stimulating the G-Spot can often lead to squirting. 


The Egg

A sex toy shaped to perfection, this little vibrator brings a bit more fun to the table. The Egg fits perfectly in your vagina or can be stationed against the vulva for the ultimate sensation. It comes with a remote so you can control every vibration in private or even in public. We don't judge here. Both delightful and discreet, you can't go wrong with this egg.  


Wireless Remote Massager

Sometimes it's good to let go of control a little bit. This small but powerful sex toy is perfect for targeting those sweet spots that drive you wild. While many are waterproof, you'll feel confident using this toy wherever your imagination takes you. Whether under the covers or in public, its quiet vibration won't give you away. But we must warn you that it'll be pretty hard to contain your arousal. It's this type of equipment that makes you feel grateful for the advancement of technology.

Finger Vibrator

Sometimes you just want to use your finger, and while there's nothing wrong with that, here's a step up that you'll be happy to use. A simple Finger Vibrator should honestly be a part of everybody's toy box. Consider this sex toy acts as a sexual sniper. It helps to pinpoint and enhance precisely what it is that you like best. Take it everywhere you go and feel the difference it can make. Perfect for solo use or seamless couple's play, you'll be sure to celebrate the possibilities. Lie back and let the textured ridges hypnotize your senses.


Penis Ring

For couples that are looking to spice it up in the bedroom, a penis ring can be the perfect solution. Whether the relationship has hit a plateau or it's become more of a chore and less of an exciting treat, sex toys can help to break out of the cycle. Use the gift that goes both ways with a Penis Ring. The enhanced experience is going to keep your hands on each all year long! Its silky-smooth feel paired with five luscious vibration patterns brings stronger erections for him and simultaneous clitoral pleasure for you. It doesn't get any better than that! 


Once you've figured out which style you're most interested in, you may have more questions. A great next step to exploring sexy toys is to visit our website and contact us for more information. We’ll gladly help assist you with getting over your fears of sex toys and finding your best fit. We are a feminist pleasure product brand that specializes in creating safe spaces for newcomers to explore and learn more about sexuality in general. 

If you need help choosing the best option, it may be best to narrow out your needs. Perhaps you are wondering about budget and how much a quality sex toy typically costs. Maybe you want to learn more about what the toy does for the body and the shelf life it has compared to other products. There are no stupid questions here. When in doubt, simply read the description, instructions, and price points while also paying attention to the best-selling items because they're best sellers for a reason. See if any of the descriptions appeal to you. If you notice yourself getting a big smile while reading about a specific toy, you're making progress. This could be an indication that it might be right up your pleasure alley. 

Most importantly, just trust yourself and your body. The more you trust your body's reactions to your sexual exploration, the more comfortable you'll become, and maybe you'll want to dabble in some different toys next time around.